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ACM Multimedia 2017 & ICME 2016

I presented my research at top conferences such as ACM Multimedia 2017 and ICME 2016, where I also heard many great presentations and speeches from other researchers.


& Photography

I like to travel and take photos of the sceneries, people, and any other beautiful things I see.

In my sophomore year in college, I joined the photography club in NTU and learned about photo editing techniques from a workshop I participated in.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan



I joined the badminton team in EE department since my freshman year in college, and became the captain a year later.

I really enjoy practicing, playing, and competing in tournaments with my teammates. 

In fact, together we won the championships of National EE Cup, NTU Cup, and other competitions.

Ecological observation

During my trips in Taiwan and many other countries, I like to observe the natural environments and the creatures living in it, including mammels, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insectes, etc.

In college years, I took the course of Biological Diversity and joined the club of nature prevservation in NTU to pursue related knowledge.

Taipei, Taiwan

English drama contest

In high school, each class was required to compete in a english drama contest.

My classmates and I produced a drama, "Frame of Mind", in which I play the role of director and screenwriter.

In the end, we took the first place in the national competition, and my screenplay won the award of best original script.

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